.Aconitum Napellus.


.Aquilegia Vulgaris.


.Clematis Macropetala.




.Digitalis Purpurea.


.Iris Fulva.


.Ixia Viridiflora.


.Lilium Auratum.


.Lonicera Fragrantissima.


.Meconopsis Betonica.


.Scilla Non-Scripta.


.Cuisse De Nymphe.

.Coloured Landscape.

This work documents a self-initiated project

by visual artist Karin Peulen. Made after

observing how rams on the Sint Pietersberg

have a dye daubed onto their undercarriage

so that the ewe's rump is 'stamped' with a

colour after mating, the project had grown

into a partner- ship with Natuurmonumenten

and shepherd Martin Vlas.


Experimenting with these 'stamps', Peulen

specially developed a mixture of natural

pigment, wax and linseed oil so that after 

mating a palette of mixed colours and shapes

is created. Her experiment not only provides

insight into the sheep's mating behaviour, but

it also creates a painterly and colourful image 

on the grazing flock.


The Risograph prints are made at the van Eyck

Academy's Charles Nypels Lab.


This text was part of the exhibition 'Bronsgroen Eikenhout - van landschap tot achtertuin'

at Bureau Europa in Maastricht (2016).



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